Employee Handbook

Clark Land’s Employee Handbook [link]¬†was updated on April 28, 2020.

In this revision, we incorporated the two policy updates sent to you recently. We would like to to read the entire handbook, but please review the following:

  • Signing In When You Are Working On-Site or at a Remote Location – starts on page 16
  • Meal and Rest Periods – starts on page 18
  • Timesheet Procedures – starts on page 18
  • The Consequences of Late Time and Expense Entries – starts on page 20

Here is a link to the Employee Handbook Signature Page to acknowledge receipt of the handbook.


If you change your address, especially if you move to a different state, please let HR know, email hr@clarklandresources.com.

In fact, please email HR at hr@clarklandresources.com for all HR-related business and we will respond as soon as possible. Either Dara or I will respond. We’re a tag team!