401K Plan Information

Herein we provide information on eligibility requirements for full-time employees to participate in Clark Land’s 401K Program and the enrollment process. We have a Professional Benefits Administrator who is licensed to provide financial advice regarding investing in the 401K.

Our Benefits Administrator is

Nathan Salhus

(541) 244-2624


Eligibility to participate in Clark Land’s 401K program requires:

    • The participant to be 21 years of age or older and have
    • worked 6 (six) months full-time with Clark Land

Links to the: 401K Enrollment Package and the 401K Beneficiary Form

You may also view the enrollment package online in the Flip Book below. Enlarge it to full-screen to make it easier to read. Press the Esc Button to leave the document.

By the time you are eligible to enroll, your name and email address will have been entered into the MassMutual database.

Before you log on to the MassMutual website for the first time, call customer service at the Retirement Plan Information Line at 1-800-854-0647 for help to set up your password.

Representatives are available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern Time.
Your personal ID Number is your Social Security Number, stay on the line for customer service.

401K Plan Enrollment Package and Beneficiary Form (Return your Beneficiary Form to the HR Department).