2020 IRWA Education Conference

66th IRWA Education Conference – Minneapolis, MN

 Here is a link to the conference information page on the IRWA Website.  Check this page for updates to the information.

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The 66th IRWA Education Conference will be held at the Hilton Minneapolis.

Some of you are considering going to the conference for the first time and, for some of you, it’s the first educational event while working for Clark Land Resources. Every employee that wants to participate in the conference must read the Conference Participation Guidelines Below. Let the HR Department know if you are interested in attending by Friday, November 15. Email hr@clarklandresources.com. We will let you know if your request has been approved.

The IRWA National Conference is a 3.5-day event that will take place in Minneapolis, Minnesota, June 21-24, 2020.  We would like to know if you are interested in attending the conference  https://eweb.irwaonline.org/eweb/StartPage.aspx?Site=mpls20.


Before any staff expresses interest in attending the conference, he or she should read and be completely familiar with the conference guidelines detailed below, and be willing to accept the guidelines as part of their ability to attend the conference.

These guidelines are for all staff, and no special circumstances will be considered.

Clark Land Resources, Inc. 2020 IRWA Conference Participation Guidelines

The table below presents what Clark Land Resources will pay for and what the employee will expected to pay for.  Please read it.

Six staff plus Management will be allowed to attend the conference in 2020.

Considerations for selection of those attending will be based on whether the employee has attended before, if they are an IRWA Chapter Committee Member or a Board Member and the employee’s available EPTO or PTO.

Staff who attend are expected to either wear a Clark Land shirt or a Clark Land logo badge each day while at the conference.

In order to get the best travel and hotel prices, Clark Land HR staff will arrange the travel and hotel.

Very Important: It is not mandatory that you attend the conference. 

In fact, attending the conference is considered a volunteer event for the benefit of each person attending, because they have the opportunity to develop their own skills that will enhance their career path.

IRWA Conference Guidelines for Staff


Clark Land Pays For

Employee Pays For

Transportation fees/charges to and from the conference Clark Land will pay for the employee’s transportation, arranged by our HR staff, so as to get the best rates whether by air or rail. Staff who are a Grade 10 or above are entitled to bring their spouse and the cost will be paid by Clark Land. Transportation to the airport or train station.
Meals (for 3.5 days of the conference) Clark Land pays up to $50 per day per employee for meals. Staff who are classified as a Grade 10 or above are allowed $75 per day. Employees pay for any additional food or beverage over $50 or $75 (for Grade 10 employees) per day.
Labor-hour pay for travel time to and from the event location. If an employee works while traveling, and provides a list of deliverables (on their timesheet) completed during that time, then the employee may submit time only for the work completed during that time. Since employees are volunteering to attend, the travel to time to and from the event is not paid by Clark Land.
Conference fees (Includes registration, seminars, continental breakfast, one lunch and the Gala dinner) Clark Land will pay for this with the stipulation that staff are to attend seminar classes (minimum of 4 each day except Wednesday [Wed will be a minimum of 2 seminars) the Expo, the breakfast and lunch and Gala included with the cost of registration.
Labor to attend the conference Employees may use one hour of CLR Office Marketing to attend the awards luncheon. In order for employees to be considered for attending, they must have at least 16 hours of Education PTO available and will need to use that Education time for the seminars/workshops. 

No Emergency Time Off or other Clark Land project charge number may be used for this time. An employee can use their Personal Time off instead of Education PTO; but employees must get approval for using PTO at the time of signing up for the event (from both their Technical Lead and their Advisor). 

Note that the Gala is considered a social event. If an employee does not attend the Wed. night Gala, then they must give up their ticket to another employee or spouse first or post it on the board at the conference for someone else. 

The employee not attending will need to plan on leaving the conference on Tuesday night to return home and back to work the next day. (This is unless the employee wants to use Personal PTO to take time off for the remainder of the week.)

Monday Night Event Employees who want to attend this event are free to pay for a ticket to attend the event on their own time. 

Many employees enjoy attending this fun event with other team members.

Volunteering at the Conference Employees may volunteer their time at the conference to help with various tasks such as registration, ticket sales, etc. This is not required and will not affect the employees’ employment in any way. 

Some staff have found that volunteering helps them meet new people and establish relationships with potential clients.

If you are interested in attending, please email the Human Resources Department at hr@clarklandresources.com by Friday, November 15, 2019.  Thank you.

Expenses to Consider

  • Transfers – to/from the airport and the hotel.
  • Airfare
  • Meals –  The conference venue provides a continental breakfast on Mon/Tues/Weds.  Lunch on Monday.  Dinner on Wednesday.
  • Car Rental
  • Parking – Self-parking at the hotel costs $24/day.

At The Conference

  • There may be volunteer opportunities – more details will be provided – This is voluntary.
  • Please consider registering early on Sunday morning as you will need your badge and meal tickets for events. Highlights: Sunday at 12:45 is the First Time Attendees meeting. The Opening Ceremonies (Sunday), the morning sessions (breakfast and meeting), the Awards Luncheon (Monday) and the Dinner Dance on Wednesday night.
  • The Dinner Dance is semi-formal, so pack accordingly. The rest of the conference is business and business casual attire. Please wear a Clark Land SHirt or logo name badge. Remember that all of our competitors attend, as well as some of our clients, so the same professional decorum used in the office is expected at the conference.
  • We encourage you to wear a Clark Land shirt, order one if you need it in plenty of time to get your order. Don’t forget to order business cards if you need them and to bring them with you.
  • We ask you to review the list of classes to be held at the conference after it is published and to send to Sue the classes that you will be attending. You will be asked to provide a presentation to staff (at the staff meeting) on what was presented at one of the classes you attended.
  • You may be receiving some emails from the conference sponsors where you are invited to some of the social events, etc. Many companies sponsor these events and we encourage you to attend and network with attendees there. There is also an Exhibit Hall and to encourage you to attend, they give away prizes for visiting every booth. It is a fun atmosphere with lots of giveaway stuff.

History of Minneapolis

In case of an emergency: Clark Land Employee Travel Assistance Program