We host Staff Training for 2017 and beyond on this website. Our goal is to have Safety Training, Software Training, Right of Way Training as well as Policy Updates memorialized here for the benefit of those who missed a training, new team members and for those who would like a refresher. This website contains links to the Employee Handbook, information on employee benefits, Employment Posters and a link to the IRWA website, etc.

How to Enable Notifications on Your BillQuick | Web Suite Account

Why you should enable notifications on your BillQuick | Web Suite Account

How to enable notifications on your BillQuick | Web Suite Account

Handwashing – Clean Hands Can Help Save Lives

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March 31, 2020 Staff Meeting Agenda and Exhibits

Link to: StaffMeetingAgendaandAttachmentsfinal

Stay Home When You Are Sick

We recommend the advice provided by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (the CDC).

If you are sick…

  • stay home when you are sick
  • request PTO or sick leave (if you work part-time) through BambooHR
  • If you feel well enough to work remotely, make a request on BambooHR (use the “Work From Home” time off category on the BambooHR website)
  • Make sure that you receive an email that approves your request before you log such time on BillQuick

If you have any questions, please ask. You may reach HR at hr@clarklandresources.com.

Clark Land’s Employee Benefits Guide:

The Link to Clark Land Resources – Employee Benefits Guide 2019-2020: https://issuu.com/slgoodell/docs/clark_land_resources_benefits_guide

Note: Benefits are available to full-time employees, but Pet Benefits are available to every employee. 
Interested employees may enroll in Pet Benefits at any time throughout the year.


Company Event Safety Training